Guaranteed Virus, Malware, Trojan and Worm Removal

Contact us today for guaranteed virus removal, if we can’t remove the virus there is no charge. Work with a company that understands how a virus infects your computer and follows all steps required to completely remove infections. Be careful who you choose for virus removal and don’t be fooled by companies that simply run a free virus removal tool only to see the same or similar virus appear once again weeks or months later.

In most cases virus removal can be completed via remote access so the issues can be resolved without the inconvenience of taking your computer to a store. And with remote access, users can see exactly what is being done and learn from the process to prevent future infections.

Variations of “Fake Virus Alert” Virus

“Fake Virus Alert” viruses display messages (examples above) leading users to believe their computers are infected and/or need to be scanned when in fact it is the virus actually reporting the infections. Once you click anywhere on the window displayed your computer is infected and any anti-virus program you may have installed is disabled. The longer you wait to have the virus removed, the more damage the virus will do to your computer.